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Re: What SF/F Book Are you Reading? .. Redux

Finished Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami. Case can credibly be made for it as a science fiction novel, although msotly in the sense where the scinece is a conceit to drift into surrealism and states of mind. It was vivid and weird and the two entirely unconnected stories (one set in apparently the present day only with some really weird mental sciences, the other set in a hermetically sealed weirdly poetic fantasy land) were both quite good in their own right. Per the title, there's a bit of noir in that stirred genre stew too. However one defines it, anyway, damn good read.

Also, on to The Lost Colony in Scalzi's OMW series. He's not to keen to repeat himself, I'll give him that. This is a fun book series, Scalzi likes his dialogue quippable and his prose brisk. I'm half done a book before I even notice.
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