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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

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Not really. As you said before:

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The problem with the Borg was that, as originally conceived, they were just an impersonal force of nature, and since story is fundamentally driven by character, you can't tell many stories about something impersonal.
This statement can be applied equally to zombies as it can Borg, and the fact the statement does not work when applied to zombies undermines the premise.
I've already explained this. I hate having to repeat myself. Zombies are more personal, in the sense I'm using the word, than original concept of the Borg, because they target people, because they're a direct personal threat to the characters. Also because they can be the corpses of people who matter to the characters. Both of which are things that were added to the Borg when they were changed to make them more personal. The original conception of the Borg in "Q Who" was that they had no interest in assimilating people, only technology, and that they were vat-grown and thus couldn't be anyone the viewers or characters might care about.
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