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Re: American Horror Story (FX) 1x01 Pilot (Grading/Discussion)

Another fun ep. The Frankenbaby flashback was mega-creepy!

Did the preview for next week actually show Zach Quinto in the rubber suit? Woo-hoo, Christmas is coming early this year!

Also looks like we'll get to see who's in the suit next week. If/when they unmask the guy, it's gotta be some immediately shocking thing, which means it's one of the actors already on the show (because a new actor would be meaningless).

My money is on Tate, or more precisely, Tate's twin brother. There's still one child of Constance's that we haven't yet been introduced to, right? I think Tate had a frakked-up twin who now is in his mid-30s. (He's not a ghost; he's simply been hiding and living in the house all this time.) Evan Peters could easily play a guy of that age, maybe scarred or deformed or whatever. He wears the gimp suit because he's insane and to cover his deformities. Tate never knew his twin brother existed, but now his brother is fathering his girlfriend's half-siblings! Hilarious sick fun!

Furthermore, I believe that Frankenbaby survived in the house by himself and grew up, and that he (probably the original gimp-suit wearer to cover up the suture marks) fathered all four of Constance's children, which is why they all turned out "wrong."

When Constance was talking about her family being in the house, I think she means three of her children, two ghosts and one living (Addy has apparently escaped to a heavenly afterlife), and their daddy.
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