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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hi The Dominion thank you for contributing your opinion on the characters. You certainly made some interesting points. It did seem that the Doctor and Seven were used quite a lot in the later seasons. And the relationship between Seven and Janeway, which I thought was a interesting development sort of lost it's way as it became to just Seven and the Doctor. Chakotay did have some promise, but I found him largely bland at times as well (though nowhere near as bad as Harry Kim, as Chakotay did have some great episodes) particularly when he goes on about his father and the native tribe (Tattoo episode being one example). His whole past with the tribe and that sort of thing could have been really interesting, but I just don't think the writers wrote it right.

B'Elanna I wouldn't say for me was the best character in Voyager, but she is one of favourites and certainly I think her character was well developed over the seven seasons, particularly her constant conflict with being klingon-human hybrid. She did have some other good stories like her relationship with Tom (which when I first watched Voyager, I never saw that coming!) and her being in the Marquis.
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