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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Supergirl #3: Still fairly interesting, the more I read it the more ridiculous Kara's costume looks to me, but it's not been bad.
I wonder if they plan to tweak the costume and the "S" shield to make them more like the familiar Earth-style outfit she had before.

It seems like it's finally getting into some-sort-of story and revealing some thing about the state of the world -at least in this book's version of DC Earth. The least of which being that, apparently, US's manned space program is completely defunct on the federal level and is now a private industry...
It sounds a lot like what what's happened with the end of the space shuttle program.

The trillionaire guy is fascinating. Reminds me of the TV trope I read just days ago... Fiction 500

Wonder Woman #3: This book has yet to completely capture me. The story for the last three issues has been mostly fair but nothing really stellar. It does seem, finally, that WW is taking on whatever mantle she needs to in order to take us to a status quo and, hopefully, in the next issues we'll see her back in America kicking ass and taking names. The art for the most part in this book just wasn't very good. It looked less like art for a comic book and more like art done for story-boarding a movie scene or something. There were hints of great art but mostly in the panels showing off WW herself. The art and coloring overall in it wasn't great, mostly with the villains.
I'm not too keen on the art either.

In Non-DC I also got "Ghostbusters #3"...
Funny, I glanced over and saw that issue too, but moved on.

But, again, I cannot say enough how much I like "Batman" and think it's the best of the Bat's books that are available right now.
I gave up on the Batman titles but I liked the shot of all those batmobiles in the cave in #1.

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I'm dropping Justice League.
I liked the Wonder Woman stuff with her tasting ice cream for the first time and commenting on rock & roll. I want to see them continue the racy trend and have her discover sex with a guy but that won't go over well with readers. Guess they'll have to stick to ice cream. It's simple and non threatening.

This issue was also the first time I noticed her costume. I've been reading the Wonder Woman title, but never took a good look at what she was wearing. She's got blue boots now, a choker, a smaller tiara and a metalic belt that's pointed at the back and looks like it'll really dig into her if she arches her back.

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I haven't read Justice League 3 yet, but there's seem like a disconnect between "I know the characters are supposed to be younger, rasher versions" and "I don't like how the characters are depicted out of character: there so young and rash!" I can see why people might not like the depictions, but it's not a flaw: it's the thematic point Johns is making, isn't it? I've assumed that I'm supposed to find them grating, so that the maturation process they undergo will mean more. The Aquaman of the solo title deciding he's no longer interested in ruling draws some power as a character from his self-nomination five years ago, the need to be in charge of everything.
For superheroes who are supposed to be the best of the best, they are awfully rash and impulsive. I think Batman comes off the best. Unlike everyone else, he's very rational, sharp and "on the ball", moreso than I've ever seen him in fact.
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