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Agent Richard07
Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

Kirby wrote: View Post
I assume Kal Penn will only be on the show until Harold and Kumar opens...
It opened three weeks ago. Loved it. At the time I totally forgot that Kal Penn and NPH were both on How I Met Your Mother.

Gary Mitchell wrote: View Post
I like Barney. I like Robin. I don't really like Barney and Robin together. I was relieved when they broke up before. Usually on these shows when they pair up two characters it seems right but in this case I just wish they'd drop it. Barney and Robin are better “wingmen” to each other.
I wonder if they'll go for an open marriage. It could be more interesting than the clichéd route where Barney and Robin learn the value of a "good traditional relationship".
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