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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

Hi VulcanJedi thanks for your response, it was interesting. What you say about the Voyager characters being more endearing, warm and sympathetic compared to TNG and classic Trek I think is quite true and what is great for me is that I've never thought of it that way until you described it to me. So thank you for that. B'lanna I think is more down to earth and a warm character but more in the later seasons, she was quite feisty and fiery in the first couple. In regards to the doctor he is my most fav characters and his template does parallel Data, which is why I think he is one of the most interesting characters on the show, this constant conflict the Doctor had being seen as a hologram or "flesh and blood," which I thought was one of the more fascinating aspects of Voyager. Is there any particular characters you don't like or you think are not as interesting as the others? One for me would have to be Harry Kim, he just didn't have many good storylines I feel, though he did have a couple of good episodes. Like Non- Sequitur and Timeless because he had something to do, but most times I found him bland and annoying. What do u think?

(Anyone is welcome to post their thoughts on this)

"May everyone live long and prosper!"
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