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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

I'm dropping Justice League. Geoff Johns is capable of so much better than this drivel we're getting. At least Jim Lee is on his A game. The art is fantastic as usual. The dialogue is atrocious. The characterizations is brutal. I was originally excited for a Geoff Johns written Justice League book but this introductory arc has been brutally disappointing. I will try again when we catch up to the present.

Supergirl #3: This comic is fascinating...the writers are proving to be slightly better than they were during their time on Superman/Batman. The art work is pretty good. My only problem is that the arc and interaction with Clark seems drawn out.

Nightwing #3: I am dropping this. I expected better from Kyle Higgins. There is absolutely no reason that I can think of that Dick can't still be Batman in the New 52. Also this Five Year time line makes absolutely no sense, I don't care what any one says about it. The art is good but the story is boring frankly.

Red Hood and the Outlaws #3: I'll be dropping this as well. I had high hopes for this book considering Winick's work with Jason has been good in the past but I really don't like what has been done with these characters. The story is boring and the art seems erratic. We already know Jason Todd has father/son type issues with Bruce. The one thing interesting about this was the look into Roy's past...but yeah I'm done with this book.

Wonder Woman #3: Oh my, I did not expect this book to be as good as it is. Cliff Chiang's art is perfect for the tone of pacing of this type of story and Azzerrelo seems to be having enormous fun with the character. I think this is my third favourite book out of the New 52 so far along with "Batman" and "Action Comics".
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