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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Okay, All-Star Batman is pretty terrible. Oy!
I'm fine with All-Star Batman. After all, it gave us this review:
Well, not to mention Linkara's video reviews of the first four issues, wish he'd do video reviews of the other issues.

Batman: This is still the best Batman book of the bunch. Batman investigating an Illuminati conspiracy? Hell yeah, sign me up.
So, if I understood things correctly the Wayne family has a tradition of a Trumpian superstition of not having a thirteenth floor in their buildings. But so that there is a "thirteenth floor", so that there'd be logic in there being a fourteenth floor, there's a "dead space" between the 12th and 14th to serve as the numerical floor. In this "dead space" operates the Parliament of Owls using the dead space as somewhere to spy on the business dealings of the occupants of the building.
I think it's more like the Talon is suppose to be the defender of the status quo so naturally he holes himself up in skyscrapers and office buildings.


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So essentially Jason suffers from being a middle child that wants "dad's" attention by lashing out and being as destructive as he can?
There are three lights.
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