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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Green Lantern Corps: I can't remember what happened last issue, and this one isn't all that memorable either. The "cavalry" doesn't include a single recognizable Lantern, and the new characters on the main team haven't had anywhere near close to the amount of character development that supporting characters in this book usually get. Tomasi's previous run on Green Lantern Corps was great, but I really just don't feel the magic in this one.

Nightwing: I'm enjoying this book quite a bit. It's not the best in the new 52, but Dick is an immensely likable guy, and it makes me care about anything he does.

Batman: This is still the best Batman book of the bunch. Batman investigating an Illuminati conspiracy? Hell yeah, sign me up.

Justice League: So, Johns characterization of Wonder Woman is extremely bloodthirsty. He also continues to write Hal Jordan as a total dipshit. "Dibs," seriously? Aquaman comes in too, acting like an arrogant jerkass. That's really a far cry from how Johns is writing him in his solo title. Granted, this is all years earlier, but the characterization seems to inconsistent. Is Johns pulling an elaborate troll on all of us?
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