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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2


I'm an old (yes, old... sigh) sci-fi/Fantasy addict and I'm having a re-watch of Star Trek. I started with TOS and I'm now on Enterprise. You will soon notice that my english is sometimes (if not always ) odd. Well, not as accurate as I'd liked it to be. To my defense, my mothertongue is (swiss-)french and although I try, speaking one's mind in another language is difficult.

Hum... I've stated that I'm old and bad at writing. But, It doesn't impede me to enjoy good TV shows and movies. My preferences go where there's good characterization and good arc-plots. I don't mind having standalone episodes now and then if there's a bit of humour or a great enjoyable villain So, you won't be surprised when I state that I'm a big fan of the Whedonverse. I also enjoyed Stargate and of course, Star Trek. Well... they're all shows I grew up with.

And, I like Enterprise ! I believe the character et plots arcs would have improved had the show been given the chance to go on for more seasons. For example, if I remember well, the first seasons of TNG weren't that great. What I mean to say is: Enterprise doesn't deserve all the hate around it. It's had its good and bad moments, like all others Trek shows and even had great moments.

I also join the club about the would be Valentine atrocity
I'm in the middle of season 3 and I think I won't even bother watching TATV again.

That's all for tonight, happy to be here, I'm looking forward to meeting you on the different topics.
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