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Re: Dr. Crusher or Pulaski

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Hmm. We just did this topic a few months ago. Love the votes for Crusher because "she's hot".

Crusher as a character was bland and boring. McFadden as an actress is bland and boring.

Pulaski may be a copy of McCoy but then again McCoy wasn't the only "cranky" character the world has ever known. One could even say that DeForest was playing a copy of a cranky police pathologist when he played McCoy.

I'll take Pulaski over Crusher any day. But then that's because I base my preference on character, not on who may or may not be hot.
So do I, and it's because her character was not the McCoy rip-off, and that she was better written (when they wrote for her), that my vote goes to Crusher.

However, I will admit that the passage of time has tempered my violent hatred of Pulaski to just dislike.
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