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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Caitlin does look different but I just chalked that up as this is an older version and slightly drawn differently.
Let's see what I've got this week: (In order of personal rating.)

Batman #3: Again, this is the lone Batman title I'm really enjoying. The other books have delved either too much into the darkness and grim or seemed to be pulling a bit much from the old continuity. The continuity stuff I can deal with, for the most part, but this book seems a lot more "fun" and paints Bruce Wayne as a more human character with Batman much more of a facade. The story line with this "Owl" group certainly seems intriguing as well. When push comes to shove and it's time to trim the fat from the comics I follow this book will probably be the one Batman title I'll continue with. The art is good, the dialogue is good, all in all it's been a good series of books.

Supergirl #3: Still fairly interesting, the more I read it the more ridiculous Kara's costume looks to me, but it's not been bad. It seems like it's finally getting into some-sort-of story and revealing some thing about the state of the world -at least in this book's version of DC Earth. The least of which being that, apparently, US's manned space program is completely defunct on the federal level and is now a private industry seemingly controlled by a trillionaire business mogul who has taken a keen interest in Kara. The art in this book has been mostly okay.

Catwoman #3: Still a pretty interesting book for my money. Doesn't yet seem to be a real story-line in it but Selena Kyle is still a fairly interesting character to follow. The art in this issue seemed to be a bit rougher than it was in the others but still decent and a lot less fan-service.

Wonder Woman #3: This book has yet to completely capture me. The story for the last three issues has been mostly fair but nothing really stellar. It does seem, finally, that WW is taking on whatever mantle she needs to in order to take us to a status quo and, hopefully, in the next issues we'll see her back in America kicking ass and taking names. The art for the most part in this book just wasn't very good. It looked less like art for a comic book and more like art done for story-boarding a movie scene or something. There were hints of great art but mostly in the panels showing off WW herself. The art and coloring overall in it wasn't great, mostly with the villains.

In Non-DC I also got "Ghostbusters #3" which I'm still pretty much enjoying and some developments in this issue show more of where the story is heading. The art is mediocre and there tends to be a lot of obscure "meta" stuff in it that doesn't fit with the "reality" of the book. This week it was the A-Team van passing the Ghostbusters on a bridge that also had a ghost sitting on one of the towers of the bridge that I suspect was a call-back/reference to the cartoon or toy-line though I didn't recognize it. But it didn't seem to be "really there." Stuff like this has happened in the previous issues too. Not a huge deal considering the nature of the book, just an oddity.

Something I noticed this week was that many of titles lacked a title splash page. Int he other books the last couple of months usually the third or fourth page was a beautifully drawn splash page showcasing the title of the story and the credits. This week it seemed like the title and credits were mixed among a more benign page, or in one case not until the end of the book along with the teaser for next month's issue. No big deal, really, just an oddity I noticed.

But, again, I cannot say enough how much I like "Batman" and think it's the best of the Bat's books that are available right now.
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