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Re: Re-booting TNG For TV?

I'd hardly call the TNG movies a failure, other than Nemesis.
Nemesis is the most recent. Hollywood is all about "what have you done for me lately?"

And even Nemesis isn't "lately." It's all ancient history, except for JJ Abrams' version. The lesson is loud and clear: TOS is what people want. Whether this lesson is fair or correct is beside the point. That's the message Hollywood has gotten.

Face it, TNG is dead.

Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager all ran for seven years each and had millions of viewers for their run. Only Enterprise lasted a less amount of time, four years.
The TV biz has changed so completely that those examples are irrelevant. Space opera as a TV genre is on life support. The only inkling we've gotten lately is Robert Hewitt Wolfe's pilot for SyFy and even that is far from certain.
Battlestar Galactica succeeded as an updated series because it was a completely different take on a show that only lasted one season in its original form anyway.
nuBSG was a creative success but not so much a ratings success. SyFy is doing great with their sci-fi/fantasy cop shows and bullshit ghost-hunting "reality" TV.

Trek is really missing out on not doing an animated series IMO.
That's definitely the most slam-dunky way to get Trek back on TV - animated series based on the Abrams' movie characters (with or without the movie actors doing the voice work), on The Cartoon Network, maybe paired back to back with The Clone Wars assuming it's still on TV when a Trek series debuts. If not, take over the timeslot.
Because Hollywood is in a creative slump right now
"Right now"?
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