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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

FPAlpha seyz

That would be totally out of nowhere.. not only is she married but they never showed any interest in each other. It would be the same league of time travelling alien Nazi's
I'm down with time traveling nazis.

I just saw it on reruns of the Tomorrow People and I'm looking forward to misfits next week, and it was a surprisingly good episode of Time Cop...

but "a league" of Time traveling Nazis, means a mirror war that Crosstime Hitlers are going at it hammer and Tong. Or that Himmler and Goering tried to set up a Nazi's II party (Nazi too Party? Then Goering splinters off into his own Nazi Tutu Party.) and they're struggling for control of Europe against Adolph while still sandwiched between the US and Russian forces, but the Reich fractures again and again until it really is a league of dozens of Nazi Parties jostling for pole position... A Nazipolooza if you will.

By default, we all hate NAZIs, but in a war of Nazis vs. Nazis, every murderous unethical atrocity is a victory, and I want popcorn.

(Had you ever noticed that Nazipolooza sounds almost exactly like the same word as Nancy Pelosi?)
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