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Re: How I Met Your Mother: Barney and... (Spoilers ahead...)

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No where in that does it imply single though. Barney could be cool with not having kids, if in fact they never do.

The more I thought about it the more I though Robin was really a heartless b#%^. Not only turn the guy down when he's finally given into his feelings, heartbreakingly broken up with a girl he really likes, made a huge amount of growth as a person, and agreed that you would do the same, but then show up with your boyfriend, totally blindsiding him in public and in front of all his friends. That's low.

But then I thought about it more and realized Robin is really broken and afraid. She's never been ok with settling down and getting married, and she knows that if she ends up with Barney again that will be the path she is on. It will take a bit more time for her to be ready for that.

I predict that when they finally get togther, they will end up married pretty soon, maybe by the season finale.
Well.. i'm still on the opinion that it was a major dick (or vagina) move by Robin.. she chickened out when Kevin looked at her and professed his love.
Now that is a pretty horrible time to break uo with somebody but stringing him along even when you know (or at least aren't 100% sure) you don't love someone is even worse.. you are torturing yourself and in the end make it even worse when the other one finds out that all this time they were together on false pretenses. Breaking up is rarely easily done but the bandaid method works universally well.

Barney is my favorite character on Mother by far and i was so bummed at the end of the episode when Robin disappointed him so bad.. chances are high though now that they will work it out somehow and they end up together. At least that's the most believable scenario right now.. Nora only got together with Barney on the premise that he gives up his old ways and he's proven he can't.. he won't get a second chance and there's no one around who's closer to Barney and "free" than Robin (wouldn't make any sense to build up a new character in half a season just so he can marry her).

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I think it would be funny if when Barney walks down the aisle in the season finale, he's walking towards Stella.
That would be totally out of nowhere.. not only is she married but they never showed any interest in each other. It would be the same league of time travelling alien Nazi's
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