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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

I always enjoyed David Brin's comments on the morality of some popular Science Fiction or fantasy. He also wrote a great bit on Star Wars.

Funny enough, I enjoy Orson Scott Card's writing a lot, but always shake my head on his political stuff. (Comon Card, as a fellow North Carolinian and Mormon, you can do better then that.) I have never been able to finish a Brin Novel, but love his essays.

As for the OWS folks, I am glad they care, even if I want to throw shoes at them for some things. (For example, some want to forgive student loans, but it not anyone fault but your own that you went to a expensive, private college and didn't get a degree that paid well. I for example went to a "lesser" public university so I would have debts in the 20k-30k range, and not the 100k-150k range that I would of been dealing with if I went to the private colleges I was accepted to. But I will stop my rant.)
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