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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Opie is officially on the warpath.

A part of me hopes that after Clay's dead, Opie can fully make peace with Donna's death and rekindle his marriage to Lyla. Maybe keeping Clay alive all this time is what kept Opie from being with Lyla fully.

I'm sad about the Jax-Opie rift. I hope it gets resolved before the end of this season.

Tara is going through one angry, crappy ride. I wonder what Gemma has planned for Wendy. I hope it's a death. I also wonder why Gemma is holding off on killing Clay now. What's going on in her head? What's the Son she has in mind for taking out Clay?

The consequences of Clay's actions are crashing down on him. Jax has a heated beef with him over what he did to Gemma, Tig wants nothing to do with him, and Gemma isn't there to be his ally and rock. Clay is more alone than ever and it is going to get worse for him, a lot worse, by the look of next week's promo. Clay's fall reminds me a bit of Lord Macbeth's as he falls farther into paranoia, alienation, delusion, and bloodshed.

I'm surprised by Kozik's death but it didn't really move me much as it would if it was Jax, Tig, Chibs, or any of the other Sons.

Juice, for the Love of God, tell me Chibs the whole story! Not part of the story! I know he sees what he is doing as a way of protecting the Sons but he is only digging a bigger hole for himself. Juice and Clay are both heading for tragic falls this season. I have a feeling Chibs may be the one who takes Juice out.

I wonder how Otto and Bobby's meeting is going to go down.
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