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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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Why, it's amazing we let you post here at all!

It astounds me how right-wingers--who, by and large, hold most of the power and resources in this world--still play the persecution card with no sense of irony.
They believe Fox News, which continues to tell them they are persecuted, and that there is a massive "liberal bias" in the news media. Which, I guess, to THEM there would be ... when it's right down the center.

There's a poster here whose name I cannot remember. S/he has a sig line which really rather fits this, something to the effect of "Fox news is rich people paying rich people to convince middle income people that all the world's problems are caused by poor people." It's true.

People tend to gang up on the poor little guy and the rich big guy. Who is that middle income guy?
What middle income guy? The middle class in this country is disappearing, because more and more wealth is being bled out of them to enrich the elite. That's part of why OWS developed -- it's getting harder and harder just to STAY in the middle class, let alone to ENTER the middle class. The entire economy is rigged to trap people into the working class these days.
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