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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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I'm a pretty liberal guy... but I have to admit these protests do come across as a bit silly to me.

It definitely would have helped their cause if they had presented themselves a lot better, and didn't turn the protest into some kind of bizarre hipster festival/communion type thing, with all their weird hand signs and costumes.

Makes them even harder to take seriously than the tea partiers, and I didn't think that could be possible.
Yeah, I've gotten to a point where I don't even remember what they're supposed to be protesting.
In 2008 a massive economic collapse began, caused by a complex series of financial gambles based on the buying and selling of mortgage debt and trading predictions of when and how much of it would be paid. Eventually, the whole house of cards started to fall apart, at which point several banks and financial institutions were threatened. These companies, thanks to a series of gluttonous mergers and buy-outs combined with overly-risky investment strategies, were in danger of going out of business entirely and taking the national and international economy with them, prompting a government "bail-out" which covered their debts, but with essentially no long-term solution to the problem (i.e., no regulations or laws to prevent the risky practices that blew up in our faces from being pursued again, and no plan for disposing of the "toxic assets" weighing down the banks). Adding insult to injury, many executives responsible for these irresponsible business practices accepted large cash bonuses for their companies, literally paid for out of the treasury.

Even with the extreme action of the bail-out, the economy remains in dire straits, second only to the Great Depression of the 1930s. Despite this, several large corporations continue to record more than healthy profits and decline to step up hiring, electing instead to continue the go-go-'90s practice of cutting workforce to the bone and relying on the motivating power of terror to make those that remain work harder to make up the difference, lest they, too, become unemployed.

You may have heard of it.
I have indeed heard of it. I honestly just wasn't sure what the goal was of Occupy Wallstreet. What are they really trying to accomplish, and what are they doing (other than getting pissy) to accomplish it?
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