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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x10 - "In Two Minds"

Enterprise1981 wrote: View Post
I'm just getting caught up with your most recent stories. I'm still on "Blank Slate". I actually prefer the PDF's, but your link this one's took me to the login page for some reason.
Sorry about that. It works for me, and I'm not logged in. Did you mean "Blank Slate" or "In Two Minds" doesn't work?

fleetcaptain wrote: View Post
Interesting episode. Liked that Taran'atar got more spotlight again too. Any hints of seeing more of the Luna next?
Hasn't really been part of my plans, no. There's some more discussion of it coming up, but it doesn't really feature all that much. Sorry.

gategal wrote: View Post
Which leads me to ask,scene 31,Vaughn speaks to Bashir privately,what's up with that? Does it have to do with what's going on with L'Haan and Taran'atar or a new plot thread?
You'll see in... ooh, about five episodes' time.

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