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Re: Frank Miller completely loses the plot

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So multiple threads on the same subject and intemperate remarks are okay when it fits the mods generally narrow political views? Why am I unsurprised?
There's no hypocrisy here. It's a long-standing tradition that multiple threads on the same subject can be allowed when they are in different forums that generally have different audiences. See past threads on elections that have been allowed to remain in Misc. even while similar threads were in TNZ, for example. For a non-political example, see the threads on the "Tatooine"-esque planet discovery that simultaneously existed in Science & Technology and Misc a few months back.

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Also, in order to truly discuss Miller's post, one must be able to discuss the OWS movement itself: it's goals, its tactics, its membership. All of which means that this entire thread can-and will-easily be about nothing but politics and current events. Are the mods prepared for, and willing to allow, that?
On this, you do raise a good point. With such a discussion, this thread would probably be more suited to Misc. than TVM. If the TVM mods decide that it is, I imagine they'll move the thread to the forum they feel is most appropriate. There is, however, no reason that it can only be discussed in TNZ.
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