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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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One general gripe: why do computers get shipped with such god-awful colour calibration. The gamma is jacked to ridiculous levels, and the colour is so cold you can actually see a blue/purple shift. I think the backlight is actually partly responsible for that but it's no excuse. I wish I had an objective hardware calibrator, because futzing around with the subjective software calibration isn't ideal. Still, I've more or less fixed it now. I do like the automatic brightness adjustment through the ambient light sensor though; very useful and avoids eye strain.
So I got narked enough to buy a hardware calibrator... if you haven't got one, GET ONE. I got the cheapest one I could find that still seemed legit - Spyder3Express - but still, it makes a world of difference, even if you're like me and have zero photo/design leanings and are just a regular computer user.

What else did I buy? Eggs Benedict and a coffee for brunch, as for once I was actually up and about early (9.30 appointment) and decided to treat myself to some proper grub afterwards.

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Two gallons of Pumpkin Eggnog and a bottle of rum.
Sounds like a good evening in store...

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-Oil change and replacing brake-lights
-24-pack of beer for my mechanics (a thank you gift for bailing me out of some serious car issues and not taking advantage of me this past summer)
Grr, don't remind me... I've got to book my car in for a service, plus a brake fluid change, in a few weeks time. And I suspect the front brake pads are probably going to need replacing... sigh.
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