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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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^ Well, here's the thing - if my morals are so corrupt as to kill a crewman and lie about it, then I'm sure as heck corrupt enough to take the poison deal. So if I was guilty of what they were accusing Kirk of, you bet your bippy I'm taking Stone's deal.

Hey there SISKO -

Good to see you back. Well yes, exactly,... but the DILEMMA, which is set up perfectly, demonstrates two things to me:

1) STAR TREK at its finest; not just in terms of 'episode', but in terms of working into the story premise (acutally the story premise is adroitly weaved around the dilemma) very challenging moral, social, ethical, political, religious, etc, issues - without the UNABASHED SOCIAL INDOCTRINATION SPEECHES, so prevalent in later episodes - and almost subliminally, causes the viewer to become slightly more self-examining, by viewing them.

2) I further feel, as demonstrated by your own struggle, which is common to probably 98% of our worlds population today,... that at his core, man is a self-serving beast (no offense pal) and will, when given the chance, toss away his claim to civility, IF it means preserving, advancing or enhancing his existence, YET demands that same civility to be in place, honored, and enforced when it also suits his need to preserve, advance, or enhance is existence.

So who are the other 2% which are unaccounted for?,...

That figure is a wishful estimate, representing the possibility that when given the PASS or TAKE option,... there MAY just exist such a man IF GUILTY that would exclaim,.. "I PASS on the corrupt deal being offered me, AND I plead GUILITY".

I know,.. it's rarely gonna happen in this life time,.... but when one is an IDEALIST,.. and TREK was originally writing Moral Dilemma puzzle-stories with idealogical solutions,...

That in my opinion is what made TREK superior to anything else written for TV.

OKAY SISKO - You are off the examination table,.... and it your turn now to give me one back from a different episode,....

I hear you snickering and grinding your hands together out there SiSKO LOL!!

"Bet my Bippy" LOL!
OK, how's this - Kirk is considered the greatest starship captain in Starfleet history. However, he flouted the Federation's greatest rule, the Prime Directive, time and time again. How do you rate Kirk as great, when he is a consistant lawbreaker, and rationalizes away his lawlessness time and time again?
"Well, here's one thing you can be sure of: leave any bigotry you may have in your cabin, there's no room for it on the bridge. Do I make myself clear?" - JTK, "Balance of Terror"
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