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Re: OTHER Starship Captains - Symbolism, Foreshadowing & Plot Devices

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^ Well, here's the thing - if my morals are so corrupt as to kill a crewman and lie about it, then I'm sure as heck corrupt enough to take the poison deal. So if I was guilty of what they were accusing Kirk of, you bet your bippy I'm taking Stone's deal.
Very interesting thought there. Maybe Stone was "playing" Kirk, seeing if he would go for the easy option.
7THSEALORD - Two things:

1) You are one of the brightest folks on the board, deviously clever.


2) Nice try - but STONE is a 'COMPANY MAN' through and through.
1) You flatter me, sir.

2) ... And your point is?

People very easily accept that Stone must have flouted regs and basic decency just to try and cover the ass of a fellow officer. I see nothing against the possibility that Stone might have in fact been trying to draw Kirk out, and see if he went for the secret handshake deal.

Doesn't necessarily prove that Stone would have gone through with this alleged deal - he might have instead simply recused himself from the CM Board and instead stood as a witness for additional charges. If you are going to nail someone for major crimes, then nail him HARD.

All very very theoretical, true, but I see nothing against this idea. It does seem that Fed Starbase commanders have extremely broad powers ("The Only Law West Of The Pecos", so to speak?) - just look at the crap that goes on in TNG's 'Measure Of A Man'.

We are, after all, trying to "explain" aspects of a show that was being produced over 40 years ago under especially tight time and budgetary constraints. It is far from the only time a TV show has taken major shortcuts to make for more drama and/or less cost.
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