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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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My only problems with the episode are 1.) Keiko comes off as just as much a fanatic as Winn, and 2.) the scene where Jake references Galileo so woefully misrepresents what actually happened in that case (but I'm very forgiving of that because it gave us the best scene in the episode - when Sisko says that Jake should be careful not to be a fanatic on the other extreme).
Sisko was not as tolerant earlier in the episode, seeing as he himself was unwilling to compromise. At least he didn't talk to Jake that way.

I am at least glad we saw Bareil talking about a Bajor that once saw conflict between science and religion as a false dichotomy and was respected for both. We should have seen a bit more compromise--but just as in real life with the media, the writers wanted DRAMA! so they went for extremes.
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