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Re: The Walking Dead Season 2 Discussion *Spoilers*

Another good episode, though even I am starting to feel like we need more than just a scrap of information on the Sophia situation now. From a creative standpoint, the show needs to have discovered her fate soon; this was episode four of the seven we're getting before the hiatus, after all.

Daryl has been getting into the group dynamic so well that I hope Carol's kindness to him keeps him from following hallucination Merle's insistence that he stop considering himself part of the group.

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well have you read any of the comic yet?
In this case, the comics aren't relevant to RJDiogenes's comment that he still wants to know who was in the house. Sophia was never lost like this in the comics.

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OK, now, I think they've carried the accidental shooting trope, and the accidental injury trope in general, far enough for the time being, thank you very much.
Heh. Not only that, but someone should have yelled at Andrea for the noise that a gun shot makes. At the time, there didn't appear to be any zombies near the farm. Why risk changing that by using a gun when it wasn't necessary? After all, that was why Shane said they would need to find a place away from the farm for target practice.
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