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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

Their numbers are "average," not "median." Fun with statistics! If only I could remember what such a discrepancy between average and median means...something to do with the range of ages that the CW attracts (I wouldn't be surprised if they attract a very wide range of ages, but concentrated in the younger end.)

Or maybe it's this confusing statement:
We singled out the male demos versus the female ones since they’re the toughest group for advertisers to reach
Does that mean EW did a survey only of male viewers? Well no wonder the CW figures are off, since males would be less representative of the CW audience than true for other networks. That would also explain why the other networks' figures are not off nearly as much.

I don't see what the purpose of in only including figures for male viewers. If I were the suspicious sort, I'd wonder if there's some kind of agenda behind all this...making the CW look bad to advertisers?
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