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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

There's a limit to the market for reality TV, and for cop/doctor/lawyer shows. By avoiding the expense of genre TV, networks are also losing a chunk of their audience who don't see sci fi and reality TV as interchangeable. Instead, they flee to cable or they switch off the TV altogether and play video games or the internet etc. It's a bad long-term strategy to avoid a whole part of your business just because it's difficult. NBC tried to do that (remember Leno 5 x week?) and that really did not work out for them.

NBC's current lineup this year is pretty uninspired (in addition to unsuccessful overall) but it's the product of the old guard, before the new CEO Bob Bob Greenblatt was hired from Showtime. Now that he's got a development cycle to fully control, he does appear to be making somewhat more gutsy choices, like an adaptation of Hannibal (maybe too gutsy for broadcast? sorry, Bob, the FCC isn't going to let you re-create Dexter) and JJ Abrams' Revolution, assuming it doesn't turn out to be something old-hat like another spy show.

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3 episodes? Most aren't lucky enough to make it to pilot.
Yeah, that's part of the reason why I'm keeping the monster list. I'm curious what proportion of those shows make it all the way through the process. I know it's low, kind of like baby sea turtles hatching and scrambling for the ocean. Most of them get gobbled up by seagulls before they even hit the surf, much less ever grow to maturity.

But anything that NBC is developing will automatically have the benefit of being on a network that is going to need a large number of new shows next fall, as per usual.
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