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Re: The Cage (1985) VHS - What Closing Logo?

Captain Robert April wrote: View Post
I get the impression that it's not possible, or at least not particularly easy, to undo that pitch change, unless you're working from the original soundtrack. If you're working from the altered version, you might get close, but I'd be surprised if you were able to match Throne's original performance.

The workprint, of course, still has the original voice, as well as parts of the "Next Week" promo (it's amazing the snippets one can find in those puppies),
Well, it's probably possible; it's probably just not worth the effort.

As I watch the remastered version of "The Cage," I can see where the film quality and sound quality take a sudden quality hit in those scenes that were replaced with Ron Furmanek's "recently" located negative footage. Although the accompanying sound was not found at that time and the sound from Roddenberry's work print had to be used, the voice of the Keeper is the high-pitched Keeper voice, not the original low-pitched Keeper voice. So evidently, they were able to do post-processing on the original sound and raise the pitch appropriately. I'd be surprised if they couldn't take it the other direction in this digital age and lower the pitch. But I can understand how it would be much simpler to raise the pitch of the few excised scenes than to lower the pitch of all the non-excised scenes.
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