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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

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Neela was the obvious suspect for the murder as she only showed up last week
I give the writers a lot of credit for introducing her early, even if it is just one episode beforehand, instead of having the killer be a nameless newcomer.
I read in the Background Information on Memory Alpha that the killer was originally supposed to be Anara (a similar character who appeared in "The Forsaken"), but for some reason they dropped that idea and created Neela for that purpose instead.
It's a shame that Neela turned out to be a bit botched in the end. She was used well in ITHOTP, but her lack of decent setup left the character lacked significance. You can give them credit though, because at least they were planning

Perhaps the only time I'll give the VOY writers credit over DS9 is the way they set up Seska in season one. She'd had a few appearances, and she'd already gained this reputation of someone who would happily do things her own way to suit her needs. By the time the episode came along ad we realise who she really was, it was totally believeable, and a shock as well.

However, seeing as Michael Piller helped to create that show, he'd learnt enough with Neela?
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