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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Hush Puppies Women's Vivianna Boots.
That's quite a funky style; I like.

Not much today; tea & a bacon sarnie for lunch plus a few odds & sods from Boots. And a haircut, which I'm really pleased with. I usually just get it cut reasonably short and comb it backwards (vaguely Gekko-esque without the grease), but today the barber cut it in a more typical side-parting and with my somewhat receding hairline it's ended up looking a little bit like Bruce Willis in Lucky Number Slevin though my hairline isn't quite as bad as his in that photo. It took me ages to figure out who the haircut reminded me of!

I like it, and the cut has a healthy amount of volume built into it too (I have quite thin/dry hair, so this is rare for me). Might keep it this way for a while. I haven't had a side-parting since before my hairline started receding and funnily enough it looks a lot better now than it did back then. Wouldn't have guessed that.
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