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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

Just had 2 hours downtime on my internet, again!

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Virgin Media by any chance?
Nah, no cable in Hull. There's Kingston Communications and a bunch of Wireless suppliers. The one I'm on is supposed to be a minimum 10mbps with low ping and "unlimited" bandwidth, until they changed the FUP. But it's all over the place, up and down. Just ask Deckerd, she's tried talking to me on facebook and I'm constantly disconnecting. It's great when it works, complete shite when it doesn't.
You think someone in the government would do something about it.
Without a decent internet supplier it will be very hard for a area to
get business to set up there.
Well with only one major supplier if they go down the entire city can go down. Which happened a few years back, the entire city's internet was off which led to shops having to close early because they couldn't process payments or take online orders.

That was one of the things the Business Enterprise Zone or whatever they're called was supposed to try and help, but they scrapped the Hull one and moved it to Brough instead. I reckon it's cos Hull is a Labour stronghold and Brough is Conservative.

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Is this the reason Hull was named worst place in England a few years ago? (no offence I.m in Nottingham which I think was second!!)
Numerous factors I suppose, partly the crappy internet, it's very expensive to get a business line, a friend tells me his company has over a hundred sites round the country and it costs the same for the internet for the 2 in Hull as every other site combined. Partly the very high unemployment, partly the council which was graded as the worst in the country a few years back, the Hull and East Riding NHS Trust was rated the second worst in the country, too. The Humberside police were one of the worst performing in the country. I guess take all of it together and that's why it was voted the shittest town in Britain. Though the next year it wasn't even in the top ten, then it was 2, then it was 11 or something. Seems to bounce all over the place.

Some how, upon floating KC on the stock market, the council became the richest local authority in the country, 2 years later they were bankrupt. The council didn't sit for something like 5 months because the Lib-dem councillors and the Labour ones wouldn't speak to each other. They seem very very petty.
One more anal-probing gyro-pyro levitating ecoplasm alien anti-matter story and I'm going to take out my gun and shoot somebody.
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