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Re: Farscape First time watch thread....

I have finished Farscape this weekend by watching The Peackeeper Wars. This did indeed do a great job of wrapping things up and giving some closure to the series.

Right off the bat as this starts they do something new visually with Rygel by showing him swimming along the ocean bottom. The f/x are not quite perfect but they still pulled it off nicely. So did the boat get turned over? When they are crystallized the flakes are in the boat. Guess you just go with it but Rygel collecting the pieces in his belly was a bit of laugh. Then to find out the baby pieces stayed in him and now he's pregnant were interesting. Noranti tasting each piece to determine which is John vs Aeryn, all in all a good opening few minutes.

Maybe cause I was prepped for it I didn't find Pilot's voice as jarring. What got me were Chiana's eyes. Then Sikozu's hair and tattoo's were a bit of change, not to mention her now Scorpy-esque attire. Also, Sikozu as the the Scarran spy seemed off. If she's supposodly so smart how could she believe a promise that the Scarran's would free her people? Seemed like a possible character flaw there. Another thing that's just brushed aside is the return of Grunschlk and his nurse who were dead...but aren't now.

The return of Jool and Jothee were both a nice addition to the PKW. Was the same actor playing Jothee? I also thought that his look was a bit different. Something with the forehead felt different from the last time we saw him in S2 was it?

I don't recall the Eidolons having that face opening affect when Jool and company had that time spanning event in S3. The revelation that, if I read the insinuation right, the Eidolons essentially travelled to an ancient Earth and took primitive humans fills in the gap of "why do Sabaceans look so Human?". Also, since they were a race of peace it explains why they didn't stay on Earth. The Eidolons now feel like the Guardians of the Green Lantern universe to me. The Eidolons also said they did some genetic tinkering so it makes me wonder if any other of the more human looking species we met could possibly be other Eidolon tinkerings with human DNA?

Couple of nice space fight scenes and I liked the one of Braca making a run at the command deck. So Grayza is also preggers now which made for a very morning sickness type episode between her, Rygel and Aeryn all being pregnant at some point.

Ok, we need a Farscape movie now cause no way do I buy that D'Argo pulls a Spock ala Wrath of Kahn and stays dead. I mean heck John and Aeryn have both died once or twice and come back. I'm not as torn up about Jool but D'Argo? I also would like to have seen the Hynerian homeworld. Nice touch of naming John & Aeryn's child D'Argo.

The culmination of finally seeing the wormhole weapon was nice. Putting the show into our perspective it's interesting that one of the main thrusts of the show was the search for a perfect weapon of mass destruction. Given that the show straddles pre/post 9/11 and PKW is a few years later.

I'm really glad I bought this set last Black Friday. I know it's not for everybody cause of the "puppets" but the story and character growth and interaction is as well done as any sci-fi show I've seen since the mid-80s. It's so much better in totality than either Voyager or Enterprise and I tend to like Enterprise but get the criticisms there.

I understand that BOOM! Comics just completed a 24 issue run of a Farscape revival. Anyone read those? I've noticed D'Argo on the covers but didn't think anything about it till now. Obviously they resurrect him in the comic. I'm thinking with Grunschlk shown alive in the closing moments of chaos that he could be tied to D'Argo's return. Also it seems Sikozu's fate is left up in the air. Wonder if that's addressed in the comic?

I've made a fairly good run at my sci-fi bought during the Holidays last year. Watched nuBSG, TruCalling, Transformers Headmasters(s4) and Farscape. Not to mention a host of animated shows. The only one I didn't get to was Stargate. I have all 10 seasons of that to go and only seen a sprinkling of that over the years.

Farscape I'm glad to be acquainted and would recommend it to anyone looking for a "new" show.
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