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Re: Charlie Brooker Black Mirror

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Off topic, but I've been meaning to ask, Bob; you bothering with DC Universe Online now it's free to play?
I was thinking about it, but my internet connection is being so rubbish of late, and they're imposed a 5gb per day Fair Use so I can't even download the client.
That sucks mate, 'cause it's well worth it. Although, could you not download the client bit by bit and get it done a few gigs per day?

I'm actually surprised that places like Gamestation haven't been told to just give away any disc copies they still have lying around for free.
Possibly but given how shite the connection is being I think it'll be too laggy to play once I'd got it installed. They keep promising it'll be fixed but all it seems to do it get better for a bit, then get crap again.
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