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Re: TheGodBen Revisits Deep Space Nine

Glad to see that In the Hands of the Prophets managed such a high score. With this strong closing, and a relatively strong opening, we might just have an above average season on our hands. And if Season One can pull that off, the rest of the series is really looking good.

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Neela was the obvious suspect for the murder as she only showed up last week
I give the writers a lot of credit for introducing her early, even if it is just one episode beforehand, instead of having the killer be a nameless newcomer.

When Kira tells Sisko that she no longer sees him or Starfleet as the enemy, it reminds you of the good episodes, which mostly focused on Kira's growth, and makes you forget about that time she danced along to Allameraine.
At least she didn't pass out drunk on a table the other main characters were eating at.

In the Hands of the Prophets is definitely a great way to end the season. I love that it introduces Winn, who's an amazing character. I also love that it shows that not all people of faith are like her. Yes, there are some corrupt religious people out there. But there are also people like Bareil, who, while seeking power, still has principles and is a genuinely decent person who cares for others. And, there's people like Kira, whose faith is something they use to better themselves.

My only problems with the episode are 1.) Keiko comes off as just as much a fanatic as Winn, and 2.) the scene where Jake references Galileo so woefully misrepresents what actually happened in that case (but I'm very forgiving of that because it gave us the best scene in the episode - when Sisko says that Jake should be careful not to be a fanatic on the other extreme).
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