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Re: What games are you playing currently?

Just finished what is probably my last ever playthrough of Mass Effect! I say last because it's my third run at a level 60 character, so I swear I know that entire game verbatim by now.

For anyone who's never done it, getting to Lv60 requires at least two (sometimes three!) consecutive playthroughs. My first attempt (about a year ago) was a bust having only got to Lv58 after two complete attempts, I couldn't be arsed to try again for a third. Recently though, I discovered that the secret to doing it in two was surprisingly simple: don't kill anything with the Mako. You get a *massive* XP boost for killing enemies on foot (especially thresher maws, heavy turrets & geth armatures/colossi) and by the end of the first playthrough (doing every side mission, opening every container etc.) I'd gotten all the way up to Lv57. The second playthrough was a breeze and I hit Lv60 before Virmire.

I should add that playing Mass Effect at Lv60 changes the experience dramatically. Since by this point there's no more xp to get, your equipment is all top notch and your credit and omnigel are both maxed there's no need to bother opening crates, or even stopping to kill everything. The Mako runs on both Virmire & Ilos are especially hilarious as I was just speeding on through, taking only pot shots at geth troopers and running over any armatures before speeding off round the next corner!
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