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Re: Re-shaping a Cardassian: Toward the Ninth Circle

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Interesting...I wonder what it could be about Bajoran architecture that felt so familiar to her? Then again, I wonder if it is their aesthetic sense, per se, or the subject matter and mindset behind it that is reminding her of things mostly suppressed on Cardassia.
You'll see why Bajoran sense of art is so familiar to Jarol in the next chapter

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I just about threw up when I found out Yassel was under Dukat's command. Of all the horrible places for any version of Yassel to be forced to serve--that has to be it!
Poor Yassel really has no luck in commanders, whichever universe she's in
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I enjoy watching Zamarran push back against Nadar. Is it wrong for me to find that kind of funny?
We hate the Obsidian Order, so every slap on their face is funny
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Dukat had better not put the moves on her, Yassel, or anybody else. And not one of the Bajorans, either. I think he wanted women for his amusement, not for diplomatic purposes.
He did it for a certain reason and the next chapter will reveal what it was.
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