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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

Actually, I recall the instance when Geordi informed Picard that they would have to use a lot of replicators (all of them if I'm not mistaken) to create numerous things in terms of containment for the viral particles and as a result the ship couldn't go to Warp because power was being taken by the replicators.
It WAS also mentioned that replicators do use a lot of power.
HOWEVER... this is a singular example of when there was a large demand on the replicators... and on a SHIP no less.
On the planets surface, a fusion based generator would provide MORE than enough power to a single replicator because a starship has a warp core with finite reserves (renewable of course through various methods, but probably not to the level of a planet bound energy source) and a TON of other systems that need to be simultaneously powered.

If each house has a fusion based generator, you can probably run have several replicators connected to it.
They would never be used ALL the time either way because you'd only replicate things you actually need at specific intervals.
My point is that powering a house which is planet bound that has a replicator is NOT A PROBLEM.
Whereas a ship might be due to power reserves.
It's usually not the issue if ships are close to Federation space.
Voyager was intentionally rationing their replicator use because they were low on power already, and other times they were replicating no problem either way.
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