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Re: ENT Forum Get To Know You Thread Pt 2

Hey all. I'm brand new to the forum. I've been a life long fan of trek. As a little guy I watched all the re-runs of the original series. Adolescence - teen years I watched NG and DS9. I never really gave Voyager a chance somehow and completely missed Enterprise when it was out. I think it was because I turned 21 when it came out and didn't sit in front of a tv for about seven years. Anyway, on a recommendation I decided to give Enterprise a shot since it was recently uploaded on Netflix. I was hooked right away. I think I banged through all four seasons in about four weeks. In fact I think it's my favorite of all the trek series. I watched the final episode this morning. I was walking in blind. All I knew is that I was sitting down to the final episode. The words "jarring" and "cheated" only begin to express how I feel about the conclusion of the show. I think we've all been hood winked by the network on that one. It deserved sooo much better than that. The fact that some of my favorite NG characters had a part in it somehow made it all the worse. Anyway, I didn't mean to focus on the ending. I got on here to express how much I truly loved the show. Season three was especially exciting. I loved the darkness of it, impending doom around every corner. Truly great stuff!
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