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Re: New feature-length Superman fan film online

I really wanted to like this and its being a sequel to the Donner/Singerverses and using the John Williams theme certainly endeared me to it.

But, oh dear, I just couldn't take seriously the actor playing Superman. He looked like a cross between Cripin Glover and Eddie Furlong and was too skinny to even convince as Spider-man, never mind Superman. Okay, not everyone can have a body like Henry Cavill, but could they not have padded out his suit in places?

The actress as Ally was wooden and I didn't find the scene in the Daily Planet (which is as far as I've watched so far) convincing. Can one still smoke in an office in the US? Would a story about theft of NASA artifacts topline a daily newspaper? And would Clark really have to ask what the MNAs (Metropolis Newspaper Awards) were?

Still, as enough people here whose opinions I respect have sung its praises, I probably will check the rest of it out.
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