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Re: Welcome new Voyager fans!

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Hi VulcanJedi yeah I have to confess Neelix is one of my favourite characters as well. When he first turned up in Caretaker, he just made me laugh so much! I've always liked his episodes, which admittedly I feel there wasn't enough. "Mortal Coil" I certainly feel was one of his best ones, certainly a moving one. I also loved the season one episode Jetrel. I thought it gave him a bit more of a back-story and his character some substance. Do you have any other fav characters at all?

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I think all of the characters on Voyager are more endearing, warm and sympathetic than TNG or even classic Trek. Chakotay is far fuzzier than number one ever was, and frankly even B'lanna Torres is more down to earth, and human than Troi was. For all her fieryness (sexy) she is a more natural, warm character. I like the doctor----he's like Data in a more advanced form of development in his human like quality. The whole theme of the show seems to be about that. More real, more human, more down to earth. And questioning of everything---including Starfleet itself--hence the Maqui.

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