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Re: New feature-length Superman fan film online

[disclaimer]I should know better than to be critical of fanfilms, these are people who have come together, and actually made a 70 minute film, this by itself is an achievement. [/disclaimer]

Why did Superman not go to the Fortress, when he first realised his powers had weakened, heck why spend so much time in your apartment when only minutes in the son heeled him? the whole "I saved you as a man" speech is nice, and its a nice thing for Clark to experience, but the ending makes the whole theme of the film unnecessary. Maybe Clark didnt want to have to do it, hoped his powers may recharge, or that he may not need them, and that the world does not need him to have all those powers.

As for the actor playing Clark/Superman obviously borrowing from the Clark of the Donner movies, and there are a few times where he almost pulls it off, maybe the fact he is an uninspiring Superman is good for the movie, as the movie was never about Superman.

The actress playing Ally did remind me of Smallvilles Lois Lane, but she was always going to be a Lois substitute, and I thought Clark telling her he loved her as a bit much.

I am glad that around the half way point the plot decamped to London, as up until that point the film was doing an awful job of pretending to be set in Metropolis, America.

There is no one I want to mention for good acting, and some of Alex henchmen, helped make the leads appear better than they deserve to look.

Please pretty shoddy sound work as well.

If there is going to be a definite Superman fan film (and there is no reason there will be, but IF there was to be one) this isnt going to be it.
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