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Re: The Vampire Diaries - Season 3 - Discussion

I have to agree with the general consensus this was a bit of a let down. IMHO, very big writing mistake, making Mikael out to be this big Uber-Ultra-Mega Bad-ass, and ginning up all that anticipation, and then they take him out like that? They could've gotten to the point they were at, at the end of the episode, in a different way, or they never should've built Mikael up the way they did. Cool twists and turns along the path of the episode, but, big mistake with Mikael, IMHO.

Why would you build some one up so big, and not even use them? I mean, they searched for him, woke him up, used him as a threat, he had one little scene with threatening the brothers to help him find Klaus (And of course the flashback), and then this episode? They should've at least spent some episodes showing him being badass, before this episode?

Looking forward to the return in January, though
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