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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

^^ That does sound interesting. The link doesn't quite work, though (the closing parenthesis isn't included). This one should work.

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The zombies can't change, can't be understood, can't be anything other than a mass of diseased killing flesh.
<smacks own forehead!> Gah! The Borg are zombies! Well, until they were ruined with the introduction of the queen.
Oh don't tell me that just occurred to you! And yeah, the fact that the Borg are zombies is why the queen thing sucks.
The Borg are definitely in the tradition of zombies, but that's not what ruined them. They were originally presented as a hive mind, so a queen makes sense. What ruined them was overusing them, weakening them, straying from the concept and, in the case of First Contact, bad writing.
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