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Re: Nov. Challenge 2011: Shaping a Cardassian--"Is There Any Forgivene

Awwwwwww, Sabal...

He did make a bad mistake in his past, but it's always been clear to him that what Brenok said is right: that he made that mistake out of naivete and thankfully did not get into any of the really bad situations we know could have been possible.

Having been beaten and tormented like that makes what happens to him in The Shadow of the Order even sadder--even more so when you consider what happened before that moment and the way things were between Sabal and Karama.

But it was wonderful to see Brenok recognize the good that Sabal was doing, and that Sabal was not an evil man. I definitely like Sabal.

There's more I'll tell you later, but what I can say now is, good job.
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