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Re: Gene Roddenberry's weird rules

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Replicators can create anything except a living creature.
Yes, and the stores nearby sell me almost anything, including living creatures. Plus there is the internet. Still need money.

The Federation has virtually unlimited energy resources, courtesy of matter/antimatter annihilation.
Seventy-five percent of my electrical power comes from free rain-fall and free melting snow.
Still need money.

So, tell me - what standard of value would the economy be based upon?
Intelligence, creativity, effort. People who work with their minds, would still make more money than people who work with their backs. People with personal talents and drive would make more money than those who lack such.

Other than some kind of fascistic rationing of energy or restriction of access to replicators, what prevents anyone from having anything at any time?
Operating cost of the replicator itself.

It's funny that after five or six years of just dodging the question the writers had to invent latinum and claim that it wouldn't replicate for some technobabbble reason.
I've considered that latinum might be chemically homogeneous, which means that it would be completely untraceable. Something the Ferengi and others might find appealing.

The writers invented latinum, and the Bolian bank, and Crusher's account, because Roddenberry's philosophy doesn't make sense. They create technobabbble explanations for the warp drive and transporter and other things, but they never did with the no money philosophy, because it doesn't make sense.

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