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Re: Why are the TOS movies better then the TNG movies?

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Um, but Starfleet clearly was at least somewhat military, as they were an organization responsible for defense, and that same movie shows them responding to a threat.

They travel around in ships that are armed to the teeth and fight in wars. Who does that sound like?

But at any rate, from just an aesthetic perspective, I prefer the look of the burgundy uniforms of the later movies, whether they were more militaristic or not.
Starfleet has a defensive military component, but Roddenberry wanted to focus on the exploration aspect. Of course, space battles are more widely seen as entertaining, so that ended up becoming the focus.

well except for TVH, which was a good film, a hugely successful one, and one with no space battles. That one always disrupts the "post-TMP films were successful because of kewl explosions" thesis so I love to bring it up.
ST 4 didn't have explosions, but it wasn't good. Horrendous forced humor (double dumb ass on you - I mean, really?) and the pseudo-relationships evident in the TOS movies - the only honest character moment was between Spock and Sarek at the end of the film. And the Meyer-Bennett lack of respect for Trek storytelling as a whole - "how do we know he didn't invent the thing?" yea- lazy sloppy storytelling with no regard for the rules as was the norm with Trek 2 thru 6.
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