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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

Women are sensual and filled with sexual energy and, obviously, so is Captain Janeway.
After watching all of Voyagers' episodes throughout the years- I've come to realize and appreciate her stealthy, sexual attitude.
Appearing in every episode she usually was required to 'have it on' time-after-time. This procured a brighter, more erotic series.
Without dealing extensively with put-ons, her attitude was clearly--- You can come closer and lay with me- if you dare." This is something 'Q' would readily admit.
Whether being disturbed or challenged by Seven or tempted emotionally by the arrogant Capt. Kashyk in 'Counterpoint', Janeway set them at a distance which proved to be a successful balance of delicacy and wisdom.
Janeway #1: Think, people we need options.
Janeway #2: I agree captain.
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