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New feature-length Superman fan film online

Fan films are a dime a dozen but sometimes we get high quality and professional productions that demand our attention. In the past few years we've seen some notable and successful fan films from Batman: Dead End to City of Scars and most recently Portal: No Escape.

Until now, fan films have been for the most part short films. City of Scars for example, which was a Batman fan film, was around 30 minutes long. Now comes Superman: Requiem, the first ever feature-length Superman fan film (and probably the longest fan film to date) toppling at around 70 minutes.

Superman: Requiem is a psuedo-sequel to the Richard Donner Superman films and Superman Returns. The story centers around Superman losing some of his powers and having to stop Alexander Luthor without being a "super man". The film had a micro-budget, especially compared to most feature-length stories, which was around $20,000 or more. However, the production values are very strong, and the acting is relatively decent. The writing is a little wobbly at times, but that's to be expected with fan film productions.

Anyway, if you have 70 minutes to spare, I suggest you check out the film over at OpenFilm where you can watch the entire film online for free. I know some of you might be a little harsh to the film, especially hardcore Superman fans (and especially those that didn't enjoy or appreciate Superman Returns) but this a pretty admirable effort from some faithful Superman fans.

If you want to follow the film on Facebook, click here, where you can check out behind-the-scenes photos and more.
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